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White Fabric

"Without pause, without a doubt,

in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you."



contemporary - why choose romance


the deal

coming 6 april

‘Everybody has their own journey; their own story’ –  and surviving the Regalo project is only part of mine. And you know that saying, desperate times call for desperate measures, that could be the next chapter in my life. 


I never thought I’d call the Alpha Alliance, and ask for assistance, but here we are. Somehow, that one call ends with me agreeing to go offline with four alphas. Four crazy good-looking alphas that ‘feel’ right. And don’t get me started about the way they smell...


But, and that’s a big but, there’s a few issues. Like the fact I’ve got a secret, or twenty. And being an omega isn’t one of them. The other problem is, I know two of my rescuers. When they find out who I am, one of my secrets is going to be blown out of the water. Time will tell if they’ll be more names I need to add to my sh*t list, or if the intense connection we share will be a part of my happily ever after. 


When I get sold out by my past, it sets us on a collision course where the stakes have never been higher. I really am prepared to risk it all, including them, because I made a deal I’d never be caged again. 


But thankfully, these gorgeous alphas are as determined, blood-thirsty and as pig-headed as I am.

Reader consideration - Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, sensitive content, and spice, including an emerging relationship between two men. There are suggested off page mentions of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, human experimentation, on page death and violence.


Lennon suffers a very substantial and personal loss in this book that may be triggering for some.


the gift

available now 

Hiding is the easiest thing in the world to do. Given the right motivation, anyone can do it. Add a swipe of red lipstick, flashy designer clothes and a pair of banging heels and the only thing people focus on is what they want to see.


Case in point – The Gift. Seriously, the concept was marketed perfectly, tied up with pretty ribbon too, and packs around the country fell for it. Although how anyone thought buying an omega as a gift was a good idea, I’ll never understand. At least people had the good grace to act horrified when the truth came out.


Now some genius has come up with the concept of doing an anniversary documentary. Supposedly, there’s no better way to let those poor omegas know we still care, then to track them down, and apologise on national television. Donnie, my boss, has thrown a lot of money at The Gift, ensuring it’s a success, even securing the best trackers in the country to help.


We’ve got cameras poised, secured interviews with packs that missed out, and the mad scientist involved. And we’ve also been granted full access to the new omega wellness resort.


I hope I’ve packed enough scent blocker.

Reader consideration - Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, sensitive content, and spice, including men being together. There are suggested off page mentions of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, memory manipulation, human experimentation, death, violence, and described on page sexual trauma. 

dragon kissed

paranormal - why choose romance - fated mates


kissed by a dragon

available now 

One left because I was too young. One says we’re a gift from destiny.

One was told to marry me. And then there’s the guy who used to be my best friend.


claimed by a dragon

available now

First they tested my blood, then they tested my strength.

cedar mountain pack

paranormal - why choose romance - fated mates - rejected mates - wolf shifter

completed series


the bone wolf

“We’re born as wolves, we die as wolves,

the night of your ascension

you will find your place.”

the omega wolf

You’re safe here, Emsley….

run for all the right reasons.

her own wolf

We've got you... we're right here with you.

the vampire house war

paranormal - why choose - vampires and shifters

completed series

amarli wolfe 

paranormal - why choose romance - fated mates - rejected mates - wolf shifter

completed series


the rejection of amarli Wolfe

the claiming by amarli wolfe

the salvation of amarli wolfe

coming soon

available for preorder

Silent 1-3.png

tying the knot

Available for pre-order

To have and to hold. Till death do we part.

Whether these mates like it or not.


Or, let’s be serious, a time to celebrate, get drunk, and nab the omega dancing by the punch bowl in that cute little outfit.


Either way, these Alphas and omegas have no idea what’s waiting for them at the end of the aisle. Will today be the day they solidify their love before all?


Will a groomsman get drunk and pull an omega into a closet to get out their frustrated feelings? Will an omega get dragged, kicking and screaming down the aisle to marry an Alpha they’ve never met?


There's a little something for everyone omegaverse fan!


Join these amazing omegaverse authors as they send their couples on a (hopefully) one way ticket to wedded bliss. It’s not over until the wedding bells ring.

*Participating Authors* Vivian Murdoch, K.B. Mitchell, Carmilla Quinn, Jacey Davis, Zelda Knight, Michele Ryan & TL Reeve, Lucy Scott Bryan, M. L. Marian, Juniper Kerry, Kitt Lynn, Raven B. Stone and Ella Black

vows and vendettas

June 2023 - available now for preorder


about lucy 

Books. Writing. Family.

Growing up, I lost countless days with my nose in a book.

​These days, not much has changed. Reading is still one of my favourite things to do but now,

I also spent a lot of time writing.​

The allure of fated mates, vampires, shifters and other supernaturals pulls at me constantly.

I love the way they live and love. I have more than a few book boyfriends that have been with me

for a long time, so I have no issues if my characters also refuse to choose who they fall in love with.

My husband is completely aware (I like to think he’s supportive too) that I'll be riding off

into the sunset with my gorgeous vampire lover, as soon as he gets here.

Until that day happens, my hubs and I enjoy our own happy-ever-after, with our kids,

french bulldogs and cats.

Sunday is definitely my favourite day of the week - you'll usually find me writing away

or on the lounge with my hubs, a G & T in my hand,

a swoony vampire movie playing on the TV. Unless I’m reading!

xxx LSB

White Fabric

"it was always you."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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