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Pink Sugar

"Without pause, without a doubt,

in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you."


Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

signed books and 
special edition covers

I am so pleased to offer signed books along with special edition covers.


The foil covers are only available from me.


I use Beventi as my store front. Clicking on the link below will take you to my 'store' on the Beventi site. 

cedar mountain pack

vampire house war


The Bitten Wolf


The Blood Wolf

dragon kissed

KissedbyaDragon_Ebook 2.jpg

Kissed By A Dragon


Claimed By A Dragon

amarli wolfe trilogy

coming soon

knot again

available for preorder - releasing 24 Jan 2024


Knot Without You  is book three in the Scorned Verse series. Each book is a standalones and follows an Omega wronged by an Alpha, or a few, in her life, and an HEA is guaranteed.

Knot Without You is Tristan's book.


upcoming signings

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

book promos

Bookfunnel promos are a great way to find your next read. Run through Bookfunnel they take you to a 'page' displaying a collection of books with a common theme or genre. Click on any book in the promo and you'll be taken to Amazon or another leading book retailer. 

Click on the link below and have a look for yourself.

about lucy

Books. Writing. Family.

Growing up, I lost countless days with my nose in a book.

​These days, not much has changed. Reading is still one of my favourite things to do but now,

I also spent a lot of time writing.​

The allure of fated mates, vampires, shifters and other supernaturals pulls at me constantly.

I love the way they live and love. I have more than a few book boyfriends that have been with me

for a long time, so I have no issues if my characters also refuse to choose who they fall in love with.

My husband is completely aware (I like to think he’s supportive too) that I'll be riding off

into the sunset with my gorgeous vampire lover, as soon as he gets here.

Until that day happens, my hubs and I enjoy our own happy-ever-after, with our kids,

french bulldogs and cats.

Sunday is definitely my favourite day of the week - you'll usually find me writing away

or on the lounge with my hubs, a G & T in my hand,

a swoony vampire movie playing on the TV. Unless I’m reading!

xxx LSB


"it was always you."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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